• Balayage   (Bah-lee-ahj)  A handpainted technique to create lighter hair

  • Ombre      (0hm-bray)     A technique done with balayage where color goes from dark to light

  • Highlights                     Strands of hair are weaved and bleach is applied and secured in foils to create a lighter look 

  • Lowlights                      Strands of hair are weaved and color is applied and secured in foils to create a darker look 

  • Color retouch                 The roots of the hair are colored.  Usually to cover grey.

  • Bleach and Tone             All of the hair has bleach applied until it reaches a pale yellow stage and then it is toned

  • Pale yellow                    The color your hair must be (the inside of a banana peel)to have pastel, platinum, blonde or vivid colors

  • Platinum                        A very light cool tone hair color

  • Tone                             Beige,gold,ash,neutral,red,copper,violet

  • Hair color Levels             From Levels 1 (darkest black) to 10 (lightest blond)

  • Underlying pigment        The underlying tone of hair that must be counteracted to create a desired color

  • Semi-Permanent Color    Color that slowly fades with each shampoo

  • Deni Permanent Color     Similar properties to semi permanent color but with some longevity

  • Direct Color                   Bright or vivid colors or colors without a developer they are  often applied directly to the hair

  • Bleach                           A very strong chemical that removes ALL color from hair.  Overuse can destroy hair

  • Developer                      Hydrogen Peroxide solution to propel the process of color or bleach

  • You may schedule a consultation at anytime.  Pictures and photos are encouraged and fantastic  

  • I am thrilled at the opportunity to make changes to your hair. I look forward to it.

  • Changes in color require additional time. Some changes require multiple steps   Are you going blonder?  Are you going darker?  Do you want pastel hair? Do you want Rainbow hair? Do you want to be purple? Have you been coloring it at home for years and you want to make a change? Do you want to let your natural grow in and need some help making it look silver?  I will do everything I can to honor your request to make a big change without  notice but science and your hair sets the limit to what can be done in one appointment


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